December 1, 2022 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Kathy Carchidi

If you are a family caregiver or a friend of a person with dementia, this informal discussion offer resources for problem solving, educational information, as well as emotional support. It is a place to share experiences and feelings and hear from others in similar situations. You are not alone on this journey. Come as you are and meet other caregivers with related concerns.

To learn more or if you’re interested joining one of our support groups, contact Kathy Carchidi.

Email: kathy.carchidi@alzoc.org
Phone: 949-757-3758

If you are in need of additional support, would like to learn more about the services and resources we provide or need someone to talk to, please call our Helpline at 844-373-4400.

IMPORTANT: Support Group schedules can change. Before attending, please call the facilitator to ask about the make-up of the group and confirm meeting details. If the facilitator is unavailable please call our Helpline at 844-373-4400.