Caregiver Support Groups

We Are:

  • A warm, caring group of individuals probably much like yourself, who are not professional caregivers but loving, family members who may be just as overwhelmed as you are.

  • A group where you can share as much of your caregiving story as you wish, when you are ready, in a confidential, trusting environment lead by a trained facilitator.

  • A group of people who’ve walked in the same shoes you are walking in and may have learned some caregiving tricks that could make your challenges easier.

We Are Not:

  • Fee-based. There is no charge for attending a Caregiver Support Group.

  • A therapy group. Support groups provide a safe environment.

  • Far away. You don’t have to drive for miles to get to a group; there’s generally a group meeting near your home.

Monthly Meetings Held at Acacia:

Sponsored by Caregiver Resource Center and Acacia Adult Day Services

For other support groups and locations, visit Caregiver Resource Center.

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