A monthly recap of the latest news about Alzheimer’s and dementia


Exposure to environmental toxins may be root of rise in neurological disorders

Doctors warn exposure to omnipresent yet poorly understood chemicals such as microplastics could play a role in dementia. Read more here.


After promising data, experts say many questions remain over an experimental Alzheimer’s drug

The experimental Alzheimer’s drug lecanemab made big news last week when the companies testing it released trial results that showed the drug met its goals, making it one of the first dementia drugs to return positive results. Read more here.


Unlocking Alzheimers’ Genetic Secrets — Thanks to Tiny Pigs

Researchers in Denmark say they’ve found that destroying a certain gene can prevent early-onset Alzheimer’s. Read more here.


1 in 10 Americans over 65 have dementia, study finds

One in 10 Americans over 65 had dementia, while 22% experienced mild cognitive impairment, the earliest stage of the slow slide into senility, according to a new study conducted between 2016 and 2017. Read more here.


More Women Than Men Get Alzheimer’s. Is This Enzyme The Reason?

Researchers at Case Western have found an enzyme, more common in female brains, which appears to be responsible for driving the formation of tau protein clumps — a key Alzheimer’s biomarker. Read more here.