Mind Checks

Mind Checks memory screenings are a wellness tool that helps identify possible changes in cognition and thinking in a “first-step” approach. This wellness program creates a baseline for individuals and helps identify those at risk for cognitive impairment. Mind Checks can also contribute to early detection and treatment of cognitive decline.

Do you have:

  • Problems remembering names when introduced to new people?
  • Trouble forgetting what you just read?
  • Problems losing or misplacing things
  • Trouble planning or organizing
  • Noticeably greater difficulty performing tasks
  • Trouble remembering important dates or events?
  • Trouble coming up with a word or name?

If you said “Yes” to any of the above, consider having a memory screening at Alzheimer’s Orange County.  Appointments required.

Available by appointment through Zoom or in person.

For an appointment, call: 844- 373-4400

Learn more about our MindFit OC program and living a brain healthy lifestyle here.