A weekly recap of the latest news about Alzheimer’s and dementia

Alzheimer’s Orange County compiles a weekly roundup of the latest news stories and developments about Alzheimer’s and dementia to keep you updated on what’s happening locally and all around the world. Check out this week’s headlines below:

Chinese Alzheimer’s Drug to Launch Global Trials Amid Skepticism

A newly approved Chinese drug for Alzheimer’s will start clinical trials in the U.S. and Europe next year as the country’s first novel therapy for the incurable disease seeks global legitimacy.  Read more here.


Rose Parade Float Shines the Spotlight on Unsung Humanitarians: Adult Caregivers

Not all heroes wear capes or armor. SCAN Foundation’s fairytale-themed float helped recognize all caregivers as the heroes they are. Read more here.


New Year’s Resolutions that Cut your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

New year, means new resolutions. See how healthy lifestyle changes can reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Read more here.


Another Alzheimer’s Vaccine Moves Closer to Human Trials

With repeated drug failures to treat Alzheimer’s disease in recent years, scientists are racing to find a vaccine to prevent the disease from evolving. A recent study, conducted by researchers at the University of California Irvine, was tested on mice genetically programmed to get Alzheimer’s disease and was successful in removing beta-amyloid plaque and tau protein linked to Alzheimer’s disease in the animals. Read more here.