A weekly recap of the latest news about Alzheimer’s and dementia

Alzheimer’s Orange County compiles a weekly roundup of the latest news stories and developments about Alzheimer’s and dementia to keep you updated on what’s happening locally and all around the world. Check out this week’s headlines below:

9 Evidence-Based Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

“The central command center of the body, the brain is an organ that acts much like a muscle.” Being Patient released a great tip sheet for keeping up brain health through regular assessments and exercising, which can potentially postpone the development of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s in the long run. Read more here.


New Window Into Brain Cell Communication Debuts

Researchers at the Allen Institute have released the world’s largest dataset of electrical brain activity gathered from reading neurons. The data captured by the device, Neuropixels, covers the ways in which different areas of the brain interact and communicate in order to perform advanced functions. Among the areas covered are those that play big roles in conditions like Alzheimer’s and psychiatric orders – meaning this breakthrough could potentially lead to a better understanding of the disease. Read more here.


Best Treatment for Aggressive Alzheimer’s Patients May Not Involve Medication 

While research for an effective dementia treatment continues, a new study indicates that some of the best ways to treat common dementia-related agitation may not involve medicine at all. Read more here. 


Teen Create App to Organize All The Family’s Caregivers After Grandmother Gets Alzheimer’s 

There seems to be an app for just about anything these days, but for a hands-on, ‘round-the-clock task like dementia care, is there really “an app for that”? A teen has tried to make family caregiving more efficient through the use of mobile technology, after experiencing caregiving firsthand after his grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  Read more here.