Alzheimer’s Orange County (AlzOC) is set to expand support services in Leisure World Seal Beach (LWSB) this Fall thanks to a new $20,000 grant from the Golden Age Foundation (GAF).  This new initiative will bring much needed, life-transforming services directly to a community exclusively comprised of  older adults.

Leisure World Seal Beach (LWSB) is an active senior community located in Seal Beach, California. 100 percent of the community’s population is aged 55 years or older—the second largest concentration of older adults in Orange County next only to Laguna Woods.  Although cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s disease does not just affect older adults, most individuals with progressive cognitive decline are 65 years or older.

Statistics show that many people and families residing in this community are impacted by memory loss and other forms of cognitive decline living including Alzheimer’s disease or a related form of dementia. These chronic conditions can result in social, emotional, and financial challenges that impact individuals, family members, neighbors, as well as the community at large.

AlzOC aims to provide hope and assistance to these residents by offering memory checks, community education, in-person care consultations, and support groups.

Our memory checks (Mind Checks), are brief, cognitive assessments that can help detect changes in one’s memory and other domains of cognitive functioning.  Brain health classes provide information about how to keep brains healthy and how to increase memory.  Other free classes empower participants by teaching them essential strategies, tips and information about dementia. Care consultations provide personalized support suited to each family or individual’s needs directly from dementia care experts. Support groups connect people caring for a loved one with dementia, create a sense of community, and help participants find relief and solutions from others like them.

AlzOC Staff Member Toni Shapiro (second from left) and Carolina Gutierrez Richau, Council on Aging, (second from right) both accept $20,000 grant awards from representatives from the Golden Age Foundation.

“We’re grateful to the GAF for this generous grant and we’re anxious to get started making a difference in a community where the potential for creating a positive impact is significant,” said President and CEO, Jim McAleer.