Alzheimer’s Orange County and UCI MIND will be holding our 30th Annual Southern California Alzheimer’s Disease Research Conference on October 25th!


For 30 years, the Annual SoCal Alzheimer’s Disease Research Conference has been a place where anyone can convene as national experts deliver the latest knowledge in dementia research and care. When we say anyone in the Orange County community is invited to attend, we mean it – whether you are a healthcare or social service professional, researcher, student, patient, or caregiver, our yearly conference is a great place to immerse yourself in the Alzheimer’s discussion.

Alzheimer’s Orange County will once again be working with UCI MIND, one of the 32 congressionally designated Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centers in the nation, and the only center in Orange County. Internationally commended for its accomplishments in the scientific field, UCI MIND has been at the forefront of local Alzheimer’s and dementia research, and we are proud to work with them every year to present the latest findings to the Orange County  community. 

The year’s conference panel will feature a number of educational sessions, directed by our esteemed guest speakers who come from a wide range of academic institutions and backgrounds – including our very own Jim McAleer, CEO and president of Alzheimer’s Orange County. Here is a look into only a few of the many sessions that will be offered:

Detection in the Digital Era

  • Speaker: Rhoda Au, PhD, MBA (Boston University)
  • Attendees will learn about how innovative technology can be used to track cognitive performance in older adults, and how these technologies can help give way to personalized brain health in the future.

Risk & Prevention Across the Lifespan

  • Speaker: Rebecca Gottesman, MD, PhD (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Attendees will learn about the link between heart health and brain health, as well as identify specific lifestyle factors that can increase or decrease the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Gifted Brains Yield Priceless Gains

  • Speaker: Julie Schneider, MD, MS (Rush University)
  • Attendees will learn about how the brain donation has become a valuable resource for researchers of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and advancements in Alzheimer’s research made through the study of brain tissues.

Overall, this event, and all of the participating great minds, aims to address the following questions:
How close are we to solving Alzheimer’s disease? What have we learned so far? Where do we go from here?

In our community-wide search for these answers, we will learn about all kinds of findings from clinical research trials, and what we can anticipate in the future. Alzheimer’s disease does not have a known cure as of today, but that does not mean we are not making progress towards one, nor does it mean that we should not have hope. In fact, this is one of the greatest outcomes reached through this conference – the opportunity for us to see why experts have hope for the future of Alzheimer’s research, and subsequently, for us to share in this hope.

For more information on the conference and registration, visit We hope to see you there!