Our Impact in 2018

Over 84,000 people in Orange County are affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Every year, our services and programs help these individuals, their families and loved ones live their best possible lives.



For over 36 years, we’ve been helping Orange County families affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia. This year, with your help, we have made a tremendous difference. The support you give makes all of the following possible.

Community Education: 22,221 people attended over 571 of our classes, programs and events designed to educate the public about brain health, caregiving strategies, what to expect as the disease progresses, and so much more. We also worked with healthcare professionals and first responders, training them on delivering quality care to those with dementia and their families.

Adult Day Centers: Our two adult day centers (Acacia Adult Day Services in Garden Grove and South County Adult Day Services in Laguna Woods) served 340 clients. Here, we provide social and healthcare day programs to older adults and individuals affected by dementia, giving their loved ones a much-needed break from the demands of caregiving.

Support Groups: 3,670 caregivers found strength, hope and compassion through our 40 support groups. These meetings, which are conducted in English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Farsi languages, provide a safe place for loved ones to process their challenges, anxieties and stresses of caregiving in a healing and supportive space.

Telephone Helpline: Our team provides supportive counseling, connects families to trusted community resources, talks through difficult situations and works one-on-one to develop a personalized plan for the future. We helped over 6,773 residents who dialed in seeking information, support, advice and referrals on caring for someone with the disease.

Memory Screenings: An early diagnosis empowers affected individuals and their loved ones to plan ahead and make the best choices. Last year, we conducted over 293 free memory screenings, helping individuals take the first steps in preparing for the journey ahead.

Research & Clinical Trials: In driving research for a cure, we partnered with clinical trials companies to help increase participation in local treatment studies. In September, in partnership with UCI MIND, we held our acclaimed 29th Annual Southern California Alzheimer’s Disease Research Conference, themed “Trials Today, Treatments Tomorrow,” where we educated 387 attendees on the importance of clinical trials.

Cultural & Art Programs: Through ongoing meetups and art programs, we provided meaningful ways for 2,838 people with early memory loss and their families to build a social network, connect with others, and stimulate their memories through multi-sensory experiences throughout Orange County.

Family Care Consultations: 2,060 families met with our licensed social workers to discuss in-depth and personalized plans on how to prepare for the next steps and challenges associated with their loved one’s dementia diagnosis.

Multicultural Programs: We continued to deepen our reach in Orange County’s Vietnamese and Latino communities, providing culturally-tailored programs to these populations.

Support Alzheimer’s Orange County

In 2018 alone, we served over 28,000 people in Orange County. We remain committed to the local fight against Alzheimer’s, and will continue our mission until the day there is a cure.  With your help, we can reach and help more individuals and their family members through our no-cost programs and services.