A weekly recap of the latest news about Alzheimer’s and dementia


Alzheimer’s Orange County compiles a weekly roundup of the latest news stories and developments about Alzheimer’s and dementia to keep you updated on what’s happening locally and all around the world. Check out this week’s headlines below:


Is Targeting Brain Inflammation the Key to Beating Alzheimer’s?

NBC News released a report on the findings of Dr. Rudi Tanzi at Massachusetts General Hospital. Tanzi discovered how inflammation is capable of killing millions of nerve cells, decimating the areas of the brain responsible for thinking and memory retention. He shares tips on fighting off inflammation, such as maintaining healthy sleep and exercise habits. Watch more here.


Researchers Explore Why Women’s Alzheimer’s Risk Is Higher Than Men’s

Alzheimer’s disease has been known to affect more women than men, as well as progress more quickly in women’s brains. This article by National Public Radio (NPR) discusses how a person’s biological sex affects the way in which tau proteins appear in the brain, and how tau spreads more easily throughout the female brain than the male brain.  Read more here.


Is Aerobic Exercise The Right Prescription For Staving Off Alzheimer’s?

Also from NPR is this report on the findings from a study that prescribes exercise as a means of preventing Alzheimer’s disease. This is a study funded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), known as the EXERT study. The EXERT study is taking 300 people who are at high risk for Alzheimer’s, and assigning them to either a steady aerobics routine or stretching and flexibility exercises. Read more here.


How To Lower Your Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s

In their weekly Morning Round series, CBS News shared information on widespread medical issues and solutions to improve health. Joined by neurologist Dr. Gayatri Devi, this video discusses the importance of exercise, diet, and working outside one’s home in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss – regardless of genetics. Watch more here.


Scientists Closer to Goal of Blood Test to Diagnose Alzheimer’s

For years, scientists have been trying to develop a blood test that can screen people for possible signs of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. This video by VOA News reports on a recent ongoing international research conference in Los Angeles, where different groups are presenting their research and progress. This video shows footage of clinical trials as well as discusses the impact that a blood test would make in Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Watch more here.