Activity Planning for Persons with Dementia

Thinking of ways to be more productive or increase one’s activity is common for anyone planning new goals or resolutions—especially at the start of a new year.  However, those caring for someone with Alzheimer's or another type of dementia may find that their loved one has new or increased feelings of apathy. If that’s something you’ve

January 12th, 2023|Health & Lifestyle|

Seven Things You Need to Know About Alzheimer’s and dementia

By Jim McAleer, President & CEO    What is the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia?  Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly impairs memory and cognitive skills, and eventually the ability to carry out even the simplest tasks.   Many people use “Alzheimer’s disease” and “dementia” interchangeably believing they are the same thing. However,

November 17th, 2022|Health & Lifestyle|

Alzheimer’s Disease: A teenager’s perspective

Alzheimer's Orange County (AlzOC) recently had the opportunity to ask local teenager and AlzOC volunteer, Lindsey Ko to talk about Alzheimer's disease, how it affects families, and her personal connection to the disease. What inspired you to help people living with dementia? Seeing the effects of Alzheimer’s impact my great-uncle firsthand was really eye-opening for

November 9th, 2022|Health & Lifestyle|

What I Wish I Knew About Medical Records

Brought to you by Picnic Health. Caregiving for a loved one with Alzheimer’s is a difficult journey that millions of individuals in the United States are forced to tackle. Part of that caregiver journey usually includes managing your loved one’s medical care, including their medical history, prescriptions, and more. Having access to your loved one’s

Ask the Expert: Five Things First-Time Care Partners Should Know

Navigating your loved one’s cognitive changes can be a challenging road to walk, but the following steps can help ease the caregiving journey ahead.   Assess Your Loved One’s Needs First, determine what types of help or care your loved one may need. Each person’s health needs vary, but there are certain conditions or symptoms

10 Things to Know for Walk4ALZ & Run4ALZ

March 8, 2022 The Walk4ALZ & Run4ALZ is Orange County’s largest Alzheimer’s walk and 5K. Every year, thousands come together at Angel Stadium to raise funds, awareness and enjoy a day of family fun. Keep the following in mind to prepare for the big day and if you haven’t already sign up here. 1. Turn

10 Affirmations for Caregivers

February 18, 2022 Caregivers may not have the time or energy to set traditional goals for themselves, but repeating encouraging affirmations can be a simple yet powerful tool for self-encouragement. Take a moment to sit in your favorite chair, read through this list, perhaps over a cup of coffee or tea, and remember to breathe!

February 16th, 2022|Health & Lifestyle|
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