“Savvy Caregiver” Program Now Offered in 3-Week Sessions 


Alzheimer’s Orange County offers a free, specialized class series called “The Savvy Caregiver.” This evidence-informed, 12-hour training program is designed to prepare family caregivers who have loved ones in the moderate stages of Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias.

Along with an increased understanding of their loved one’s Alzheimer’s disease, Savvy Caregiver aims to instill all of the following in its participants:

  • Personal knowledge, skills, and caregiving perspective
  • Skills to assess the abilities of their loved one with dementia
  • Confidence to set and alter caregiving goals
  • Strategies to manage activities of daily living
  • Understanding of the disease progression
  • Essential abilities to attend to self-care
  • Increased ability to work effectively with professionals providing care

We are also excited to announce that Savvy Caregiver will now be conducted over a 3-week period rather than the original 6-week period, making it easier for caregivers to find the time in their schedules to attend. We strongly encourage all family caregivers to attend to not only learn important skills in Alzheimer’s care but to gain confidence in their knowledge about the disease and how to be the best possible caregiver. While the work of a family caregiver can be difficult and stressful, it is nonetheless one of the most important pillars in dementia healthcare.


To learn more about upcoming Savvy Caregiver sessions and how to register, please visit our website or contact earlystage@alzoc.org