Alzheimer’s & Dementia News Roundup (March 2023)

A monthly recap of the latest news about Alzheimer’s and dementia Artificial Intelligence Approach May Help Detect Alzheimer's Disease from Routine Brain Imaging Tests Researchers have developed and validated a deep learning–based method to detect Alzheimer’s disease based on routinely collected clinical brain images. Read more here.   Yale study sheds light on why women

March 27th, 2023|Weekly Roundup|

What you need to know about frontotemporal dementia

Recently, the news of actor Bruce Willis’ frontotemporal dementia diagnosis made national headlines, but it also put the spotlight on a disorder many are unfamiliar with.  What is frontotemporal dementia?  According to the NIH, Frontotemporal disorders (FTD), sometimes called frontotemporal dementia is a rare form of dementia that tends to occur at a younger age

Ask the Expert: What can I do to understand what my loved one is experiencing?

Understanding their reality As a person’s cognitive ability starts to decline, the reality they perceive can be very different from ours. Dementias like Alzheimer's disease can cause more than just memory loss. The disease can impact our speech, logic, emotions, behavior, and affect our brain in other ways. People with Alzheimer’s may not have the

February 9th, 2023|Health & Lifestyle|

Alzheimer’s & Dementia News Roundup (January 2023)

A monthly recap of the latest news about Alzheimer’s and dementia   Microphysiological systems: A promising new platform for Alzheimer’s drug development One of the biggest and most persistent challenges in the quest for effective Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias therapies is finding better models for preclinical drug development. Read more here.   FDA Grants

February 2nd, 2023|Weekly Roundup|

Activity Planning for Persons with Dementia

Thinking of ways to be more productive or increase one’s activity is common for anyone planning new goals or resolutions—especially at the start of a new year.  However, those caring for someone with Alzheimer's or another type of dementia may find that their loved one has new or increased feelings of apathy. If that’s something you’ve

January 12th, 2023|Health & Lifestyle|

Seven Things You Need to Know About Alzheimer’s and dementia

By Jim McAleer, President & CEO    What is the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia?  Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly impairs memory and cognitive skills, and eventually the ability to carry out even the simplest tasks.   Many people use “Alzheimer’s disease” and “dementia” interchangeably believing they are the same thing. However,

November 17th, 2022|Health & Lifestyle|
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