A look into our 4-Week Memory Training Program

By Staff Blogger/ June, 2019


Alzheimer’s Orange County has just wrapped up the second round of our “4 Weeks to a Better Memory” program, a course designed to help people who have concerns with their memory, but are not diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.


“4 Weeks to a Better Memory” is a UCLA-backed program where our certified trainers teach and demonstrate strategies and techniques for improving memory, in an interactive classroom setting. The curriculum was written and designed by Gary Small, M.D., and Linda Ercoli, Ph.D. Small is the Founding Director of the UCLA Memory Clinic and Director of the UCLA Center on Aging, having published over 400 scientific publications including his international bestseller, “The Memory Bible.” Ercoli is Director of Geriatric Psychology at UCLA, specializing in adult development and aging. Both Small and Ercoli are trusted experts in the fields of memory and aging, and their knowledge and expertise lend valuable credibility to this program.


Alzheimer’s Orange County is proud to offer the “4 Weeks to a Better Memory” program right here in Orange County. We just wrapped up our second course in May, where 23 individuals successfully completed the series and walked away feeling more confident in their memory and recall abilities. Before starting the program, participants reported mild concerns regarding their memory. Throughout the four weeks, they worked with trainers to overcome age-related memory challenges with lessons on remembering names, faces, appointments, messages, etc. All felt empowered by the time they completed the program, learning that many of their memory concerns are completely normal and a part of the aging process, and could be improved upon with diligence and practice.


In their evaluation of the program, one of the participants wrote: “I now feel more comfortable about my memory and the issues that come with aging.” It has been wonderful for us to see the skills and strategies that the participants learned throughout the month are helping them overcome future obstacles with their memory.


We have more “4 Weeks to a Better Memory” coming up in the near future. For more information about our training program and other events and programs that we offer, visit our website at www.alzoc.org, and to learn about our other classes to help improve your brain health, visit www.alzoc.org/family-education