Caregiver Training

Sundowning | 황혼증후군

Sundowning aka Sundowners is a common behavior that occurs in early evening. It is not a disease, but rather a set of symptoms characterized by confusion, anxiety, aggression, or agitation. This is caused by damage to the area of the brain that regulates a person’s internal clock. Watch this scenario to learn how you respond to sundowning that might occur with your loved one.

Refusal to Take Medications | 약 복용 거부

Refusal to take medication that occurs as a result of your loved one’s dementia can cause frustration. Learn the best approach to handle this situation if it happens with your loved one.

Hallucinations | 환각

Hallucinations are a result of a problem in the part of the brain that helps interpret sights and sounds. Hallucinations involve seeing or hearing things that aren’t there. They can be frightening for the person with dementia. Learn how you can respond to these occurrences.

Refusal to Bathe | 목욕 거부

Refusal to bathe is a common behavior in people with dementia. Bathing can become scary as dementia progresses. Since bathing is a personal activity, the recommended approach is to be sensitive, tactful and respectful of the person’s dignity and sense of modesty. Watch this training video to see how you can put this approach into action.