Ask the Expert: What can I do to understand what my loved one is experiencing?

Understanding their reality As a person’s cognitive ability starts to decline, the reality they perceive can be very different from ours. Dementias like Alzheimer's disease can cause more than just memory loss. The disease can impact our speech, logic, emotions, behavior, and affect our brain in other ways. People with Alzheimer’s may not have the

February 9th, 2023|Health & Lifestyle|

Ask The Expert: How do I know when it’s the right time to consider placement?

This week’s question:  How do I know when it's the right time to consider placement?    Moving a loved one to a care facility can be a difficult decision. There is no single “right time” to do so, because dementia affects every individual differently. Only caregivers and the family members involved in the decision-making process

Ask The Expert: What’s the point in getting a diagnosis?

This week’s question:  It's obviously dementia, so what's the point in getting a diagnosis?    In the case that your loved one does have some form of dementia, it is still critical to receive appropriate medical attention through evaluations and assessments. While diseases like Alzheimer’s do not currently have a cure, an early diagnosis will

Ask The Expert: How do I feel less guilty for considering placement?

This week’s question:  I feel so guilty for considering placement for my loved one. I promised I would keep her in her home, but I’m at the point where I need more help! What should I do?   This is a common promise made by family members, though it is not always one that can realistically

Ask The Expert: My loved one refuses to see a doctor. How do I convince them to go?

This week’s question:  My loved one refuses to see a doctor. How do I convince them to go?   It can often be difficult to get a loved one to go to the doctor for a diagnosis, or even just a routine check-up. First, it is important to know why they may feel reluctant in

Ask The Expert: How can a support group help?

This week’s question:  I've never attended a support group, how can it help?    First off, you may be wondering - what is a caregiver support group? Support groups are a place where caregivers can gather to share information, experiences, advice, and support for one another. Alzheimer’s Orange County regularly holds support groups for helping

Ask The Expert: My loved one has Alzheimer’s, how do I convince them to listen to me?

This week’s question:  My husband has Alzheimer’s, and he just won't listen to anything that I say! I’m just trying to help him. How do I convince him to listen to me? It can be very frustrating when you find you are repeating yourself, and yet your loved one simply doesn’t seem to understand or

Ask The Expert: I’m a caregiver and am doing this all alone, how do I get a break?

This week’s question:  I'm a caregiver and am doing this all alone, how do I get a break?  Some benefits that you or your loved one may be eligible for may include Medi-Cal, which covers adult day centers, In-Home Support Services (IHSS), Veteran’s Aid, and many other programs and services. The IHSS program is considered

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