Ask The Expert: How do I know when it’s the right time to consider placement?

This week’s question:  How do I know when it's the right time to consider placement?    Moving a loved one to a care facility can be a difficult decision. There is no single “right time” to do so, because dementia affects every individual differently. Only caregivers and the family members involved in the decision-making process

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9 Caregiving Tips for the Holiday Season

Alzheimer’s Care: 9 Ways to Make the Holidays More Enjoyable What comes to mind when you think of the holiday season? For most, the holidays are a time of warmth, harmony, and togetherness for friends and family. However, they can also be a source of stress for caregivers who are worried about their loved ones

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Ask The Expert: What’s the point in getting a diagnosis?

This week’s question:  It's obviously dementia, so what's the point in getting a diagnosis?    In the case that your loved one does have some form of dementia, it is still critical to receive appropriate medical attention through evaluations and assessments. While diseases like Alzheimer’s do not currently have a cure, an early diagnosis will

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Ask The Expert: How do I ask for more help from my family?

This week’s question:  I really need more help, but don't know who to ask and don't want to burden my children. They are already so busy. What do I do? While it is true that adult children often lead very busy lives, many still want to contribute to the caregiving process, and often express feelings

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How to Choose the Right In-Home Care Service For You

In-Home Care: What to look for   For seniors who need assistance at home with their daily tasks and needs, or for families who are in need of extra help caring for their loved one but are wary about trying placement, in-home care can be a great resource. What is in-home care? In-home care is

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